What’s REALLY going on?


One of the first questions I ask during a coaching session is for the client to identify what topic he/she would like to discuss for that session.  I then ask the client what he/she would like to accomplish by the end of the session.  For instance, a client who is in the addiction recovery process might want to address how to rebuild a relationship with a family member.  By the end of the session, the client may want to have identified ways of initially breaking the ice with this individual.  If the client is having difficulty identifying possible ways or seems hesitant about doing so, I then ask the client if there is a deeper issue at the root of the problem originally identified.  For instance, if a client wants to rebuild a relationship with a son/daughter but has an ex-spouse who is less than  supportive, I then focus the discussion on how to work with this difficulty.  Once the difficulty with the spouse is addressed, we can then return to the issue of rebuilding the relationship with the son/daughter.

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