Nothing to fear…not even the boogyman.


Are you someone who likes to reminisce about the past?  Do you like thinking back to “the good old days”?  Does this bring back memories of being younger and more care free?  Were you less stressed back then?  For many of us, looking back on our younger days brings back pleasant memories of days past.  However, for others, it is an escape from an unpleasant situation they are now facing.  Are you recovering from an addiction and wish you could go back to the good times before your addiction?  Are you a family member or friend of an addict and wish you could recapture the days you had with this person before addiction took control of his/her life?  The past is exactly that, the past.  We cannot change the past.  We can, however, take steps to better our chances of a successful and more prosperous future.

When one is recovering from an addiction that has wreaked havoc on life, just the thought of making changes in the future can be scary.  But it doesn’t have to be.  During our coversation, many times I will pick up on an underlying fear.  As a coach, I help clients identify exactly what that fear is.  It may be a fear of rejection, a fear of failure, a fear of relapse just to name a few.  The next step is to determine what is fueling that fear and what steps the client can identify to combat that fear.  I have found that asking a client to envision what life would be like without that fear in it  often gets the ball rolling.  Once the client has come up with a plan, I ask if he/she forsees any obstacles to the plan and help remove them if any exist.

I have found that once the fear is removed, clients feel much more empowered to make positive changes in their lives.  So it does go to show that we really can have nothing to fear, not even the boogyman.


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