Forgotten Families?


Are you one of many Americans who was affected by the recent harsh winter weather? How did several days of subzero temperatures and wind chills and/or excessive snow make you feel?  Frustrated? Discouraged? Did you think all you could do was grin and bear it?  Now that the weather has returned to normal, how are you feeling?  More optimistic?  Hopeful? Encouraged?  Families and friends of an addict often experience intense emotions including discouragement, helplessness, and frustration.

As an addiction recovery coach, I focus not only on the addicted person’s needs but on the needs of families and friends as well.  As human beings, having the support of those close to us in times of difficulty is something we all crave.  For a person recovering from an addiction, having the support of others is integral to their recovery and maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle.  However, it can be difficult for those close to them to walk that journey when they are plagued with negative feelings.  As a coach, I first have the family member or friend identify what feelings they are experiencing.  I then have the client envision what the future will look like for them when those negative feelings are worked through and they are feeling more positive and optimistic.  Third, I have the client develop a plan for him/herself as to what steps he/she will take to achieve the vision.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I ask the client to identify any obstacles that might prevent him/her from achieving this plan and help remove these obstacles.

It is important to note that achieving these positive feelings will not happen overnight.  It is a process that will take time.  If you are the family/friend of an addicted person and are ready to look to the future and how you can help yourself so you can help them, I would be honored to work with you as your coach.

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