Special days not as special?


What is your favorite special day?  Is it Thanksgiving, when there is an abundance of wonderful foods?  Is Christmas your favorite because you love shopping for those dear to you and finding “the perfect gift”?  My favorite special day is New Year’s Eve, when I gather with several friends each year to enjoy a nice meal and ring in the new year with champagne and a couple cocktails. How do you feel on those special days?  For most people, these days are accompanied by feelings of eager anticipation, joy, and warmth.  Now imagine that you are somewhere in the process of recovering from an addiction.  What kinds of feelings are you experiencing?  Are you a recovering shopping addict who dreads the Christmas season because you have a fear of relapsing into your former addiction?  Do you shy away from New Year’s celebrations because you’re afraid you won’t be able to resist that champagne toast at midnight?  For those on the addiction recovery journey, special days can cause feelings of fear and anxiety centered around their former addiction instead of feelings of eagerness and joy.

As an addiction recovery coach, one of my main goals is to help clients identify exactly what that fear is, what is causing that fear, and empower them to come up with a plan to conquer it.  For instance, if a client is somewhere on the path to recovery from  shopping adiction and dreads the Christmas season, my first question would be for the client to identify exactly what that fear is.  If he/she fears relapsing into a shopping addict, my next question would be to inquire into what is fueling that fear.  Based on his/her response, I would then ask the client questions to help him/her come up with an individualized plan to combat that fear.  That plan would include specific goals, as well as build in accountability by having the client identify a support person who will hold them accountable to their plan.  I would also ask the client to envision how he/she will feel when they successfully achieve this plan.  I would close by asking the client if there are any potential obstacles and help him/her remove them if they exist.

For those on the addiction recovery journey, every day is a challenge.  Special days like Christmas, New Years, even birthdays, can be even more difficult.  If you or someone you know is on the path to recovery and are ready to take the next step to further enjoying life, I would be honored to be the coach.  I will encourage and empower you every step of the way.  Please contact me for a free consultation at or



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